Wednesday, March 19, 2014

What is Book Whispering and Why Would I Do It?

What’s on Your Mind?

 Is there a book inside you just dying to get out?

You know what to say, but you just can’t find the time to write it all down!

Start Now!  Pick up the phone and start talking.  With you can be on your way to being a published author in the time it takes to dial your phone or send an email.

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How Does It Work?
It works great and it’s easy.  Our Book Whispering Experts conduct a series of structured interviews with you.  You tell us what you know and we turn it into a book for you in almost no time.

And your book is just the beginning!   

One of the secrets to financial success is to do something once and use it many times.  When you do a Book Whispering™ you get a HUGE BANG for your BUCK!

You get...

INSTANT Credibility - Imagine how your clients will look at you when you tell them "I wrote the book on this subject", and then you hand them a copy.

PASSIVE Income Even While You Sleep - Your book sits out there day and night on the virtual shelf of the largest online retailer in the world.  People see it and buy it and you get a check without you having to lift a finger.

PRIDE of Accomplishment - How many people have gone to their graves without becoming a published author?  You don't have to be one of them.  Your book can get picked up by libraries around the world and may be used again and again for generations.  And, your family and friends will be able to show your book to their family and friends and tell them that they know you.

PRODUCTS GALORE - One time through our process and you walk away with at least 5 products that you can give away to build your reputation, or sell to build your bank account.

With our Book Whispering BASICS Package you get...
  1. YOUR BOOK In Print (with its own ISBN)
  2. YOUR BOOK as an ebook
  3. YOUR BOOK available through, the world's largest online retailer!
  4. YOUR BOOK audio files that you can sell separately or together!
  5. The Audios can be downloaded or sold on CDs that ship for you! 

Think about it!  This means talking your way through YOUR BOOK one time, and you end up with at least 5 products you can sell and use to build YOUR CREDIBILITY!

PRODUCT #1 - Your paperback book
PRODUCT #2 - Your downloadable ebook
PRODUCT #3 - Your Kindle™ book
PRODUCT #4 - Your book in downloadable audio files
PRODUCT #5 - Your book in audio files on CDs (typically this will be a 10-CD set).
Get started NOW! Send an Email to
The initial consultation is FREE.

Disclaimer: is not a publisher.  We work with specific publishers to get your book published. Book Whispering(TM) is best suited for business books and self-help books.  Novels and highly technical books require a different process.