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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Book Whispering™

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Book Whispering™

Is someone else writing my book for me?

When you have someone write a book for you that is called ghost writing.  Ghost writing is commonly used when the "author" doesn't really know enough about a topic to write their own book.  They then employ one or more people to research their topic and write the book for them.  The ghost writer gets paid a flat fee, regardless of the success or failure of the book and the "author" gets to claim credit for having written the book.

If you want to establish yourself as a expert in a field where you don't yet have a lot of knowledge, we can connect you with a reputable ghost writing program that will guide you through the process and help you do all you need to get published.  But, that is not currently a service provided by us.

Book Whispering™ is not ghost writing.  This service is for you, an actual expert in the field you are writing about.  The knowledge needed for the content of your book is already in your head and heart.   You just cannot get it down on paper, either because you are too busy, or the traditional writing process is too intimidating to time consuming.

How hard is it to write a book?
It can be hard, or it can be easy.

If you sit down to write a book, the time it takes will be a factor of how fast you can type and get your words down in writing.

If you use your computer and voice recognition software, you can cut that writing time, but you will spend a lot of time hunting down the spelling and grammar errors that slide in with even the best speech recognition software.

Once you have your book written, you will want to have someone else edit it to find the errors you automatically look past because you know what you meant to say.

After it is edited, you need to find a printer and submit your manuscript in the proper format for the printer.  Along with the manuscript, you will need cover art and an ISBN number (so your book can be uniquely identified by booksellers and the Library of Congress).

All these activities, writing, editing, getting cover art, finding a printer, formatting your manuscript, and submitting your manuscript take time.  You will need to do all this while still maintaining your current schedule.

Or, you can Whisper Your Book ™ in ten easy, one-hour appointments and let us do the all that heavy lifting.

You can do it on your own, the hard way, or work with us and do it the easy way.

What is the benefit of writing a book?
When you are a published author your credibility is significantly enhanced in both professional and social circles.  When someone can point to you and say, "she wrote the book on that" you are immediately considered an expert.

INSTANT Credibility - Imagine how your clients will look at you when you tell them "I wrote the book on this subject", and then you hand them a copy.

PASSIVE Income Even While You Sleep - Your book sits out there day and night on the virtual shelf of the largest online retailer in the world.  People see it and buy it and you get a check without you having to lift a finger.

PRIDE of Accomplishment - How many people have gone to their graves without becoming a published author?  You don't have to be one of them.  Your book can get picked up by libraries around the world and may be used again and again for generations.  And, your family and friends will be able to show your book to their family and friends and tell them that they know you.

PRODUCTS GALORE - One time through our process and you walk away with at least 5 products that you can give away to build your reputation, or sell to build your bank account.

With our Book Whispering BASICS Package you get...
  1. YOUR BOOK In Print (with its own ISBN)
  2. YOUR BOOK as an ebook
  3. YOUR BOOK available through, the world's largest online retailer!
  4. YOUR BOOK audio files that you can sell separately or together!
  5. The Audios can be downloaded or sold on CDs that ship for you! 
Think about it!  This means talking your way through YOUR BOOK one time, and you end up with at least 5 products you can sell and use to build YOUR CREDIBILITY!

PRODUCT #1 - Your paperback book
PRODUCT #2 - Your downloadable ebook
PRODUCT #3 - Your Kindle™ book
PRODUCT #4 - Your book in downloadable audio files

PRODUCT #5 - Your book in audio files on CDs (typically this will be a 10-CD set).

Why should I pay to get my book published, don't publishers pay authors instead of the other way around?
There are two reasons people pay to be published.
1.      You are not a widely known celebrity or internationally recognized expert in your field so the big book publishers aren't willing to pay you to write a book for them.
2.      You are a widely known celebrity or internationally recognized expert in your field and you aren't willing to tolerate the paltry royalties the big book publishers are willing to pay you.

Will my book be marketed?
The reality is that whether your pay to publish your book or a big publisher pays you, the marketing of your book is mostly on you, and that includes the costs of marketing too.  When the publisher does the marketing, they reduce your royalties to offset their costs - even if they do a lousy and ineffective job of marketing your book.  And they don't change that royalty agreement if you start doing your own marketing and the book starts selling well because of what you did or paid to have done.

Book Whispering™ provides the start to your marketing campaign.  With our Gold and Platinum programs, we put your book into the world's largest online book retailers ( and  We create press releases to let the world know what you have done.  We create ways for people to buy your book even while you are sleeping.

If you want to talk to crowds about your book, do book signings, or go on the radio or TV to promote you book, we can refer you to a reputable and successful full service marketing firm that can give you that level of exposure.  Book Whispering™ is about getting your book written.  We are very good at what we do, and when we need to bring in marketers, we hire them.  We recommend you do the same.

Will I make a lot of money from my book?
That is a definite maybe.

Very few authors make millions or even hundreds of thousands of dollars from their books.  There are several reasons for this.  One is the royalties.

If your book sells for $10 a copy and it costs $5 to produce and you make a 15% royalty, then you are making 75₵ per copy.  You are probably saying right now, "No! I make $1.50 per copy."  Unfortunately, your royalties are paid on the profit, not the gross. That means your 15% royalty is paid on the $5 per copy profit, not the $10 per copy gross price.  You have to sell 10,000 copies to make $7,500.  A hundred thousand sales gets you $75,000 (pre-tax).

How big is your audience?  How many of them can you reach?  How many of them will buy your book?  The answers to those questions (marketing questions) will largely determine your potential revenues.  How effectively you actually reach that audience will determine your actual revenues.
When you pay to publish your book, you pay the publisher one time.  You have to pay the printer for each copy they print, but the publisher isn't taking a cut every time someone buys your book.  This means that for a $10 book, you may be putting $5 to $7 into your pocket with each sale.  Now, if you sell 10,000 copies, you may earn $70,000 (pre-tax), instead of just $7,500.

Of course, for ebooks, the numbers are different.  If you send out the ebook directly and charge just $5 per copy, when you sell 10,000 copies you will have $50,000 to take to the bank.

If you sell it as an ebook through Amazon Kindle, the best you can make is 70% of the cover price.  So, if you sell 10,000 copies at $5 each then you make $35,000.

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